About Us

Avalanche is a VC-backed, fusion energy start-up based in Seattle, WA. We are designing, testing and building micro-fusion reactors that you can hold in your hand. Our modular reactor design can be stacked for endless power applications and unprecedented energy density to provide clean energy and decarbonize the planet.

Our unique approach enables rapid iterations of design, build, test, fix cycles for faster development and the rapid scalability that the planet needs.

Our Development Philosophy

The best way to deliver revolutionary products is to build it quickly, iterate often, and test the hell out of it. We celebrate quick decision making to get real hardware into real tests as fast as possible.



Brainstorm, make quick high-judgement decisions, and move.



Get your hands dirty, understand the equipment, learn challenges to manufacturing and assembling by doing.



Get real data with real hardware as fast as possible. Anchor the analytical models with empirical data.



Assess and diagnose problems or improvements. Review operations and manufacturing challenges.



Do it again, faster, cheaper, better, stronger. We get better every time.

Our Core Values

Be Excellent to One Another

Be Excellent to One Another

(The Rufus rule) We know that our success depends on each other. We rely on each other to not only get the job done, but to do it efficiently. We spend as much time around each other as we do our spouses, family and best friends. A considerate, humble, empathetic, understanding and supportive team is how we will get there, how we’ll get there faster, and how we will love our lives while we do it.

Love the Doing

Love the Doing

What we do is unreasonably ambitious- what we do is HARD. To sustain us in our day-to-day, we need to love how we get to our goals. Every tool, process and interaction is geared towards removing friction points and making our work a joy. We started as a passion project, and we intend to keep it that way.

Test Early and Test Often

Test Early and Test Often

We are builders- we need hardware. There is no better way to learn than to test. The faster we get to test, the faster we learn, the faster we can iterate, the faster we can get it right. Making quick decisions, and “good enough” analysis to get to test is how we do.

Own your Stuff

Own your Stuff

There is no better way to learn, grow, or gain confidence and pride in your work than being accountable for what you do. There should be no barriers between you and what you are accountable for. And the team is here to trust and support you.

Be Weird

Be Weird

We are pursuing the holy grail of clean energy at a scale only seen in science fiction. We aren't going to reach our goals with conventional wisdom or a conservative approach. We carefully consider new ideas, tools, means and methods; we dig down to the fundamentals of what we want to do and aren't afraid to do things different.

Join Us

Join us to make science fiction real and do something that truly matters.